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Jay Yang Dobbelsteen

CIB Working Commission W116 Smart and Sustainable Built Environments has a mission to promote the best practices of integrated development of smart and sustainable built environments with knowledge transfer and benefits to all stakeholders. Stemming from from previous work as Task Group 55, W116 focuses on the integrated approaches to developing intelligent systems, methods, and practices for sustainable products and outcomes of the built environments. It has the following objectives:

  • to encourage global networking, foster awareness and promote understanding of smart technologies and sustainability issues in the built environments;
  • to identify, collect, create, discuss, evaluate and disseminate information and knowledge on the strategies and best practices for developing smart and sustainable building and infrastructure;
  • to analyse, develop, and apply appropriate knowledge then transfer to stakeholders of the built environments; and
  • to promote and facilitate international collaborative research, consultancy and professional education in this field.

W116 hopes to make a difference to the visions of professionals and practices around the world, especially addressing the need for bridging the gap between intelligent systems and products of the built environment and sustainable targets, bottom-lines and endpoints we expect from these facilities, including the development and operation processes. Through its events, networking, publications and research work, W116 promotes the integration of the whole process of sustainable design and construction, while aiming for maximum level of input from and benfits for all stakeholders in these processes.

Jay Yang and Andy van den Dobblesteen

Joint Coordinators - CIB W116

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