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CIB2010 is the triennial CIB World Congress to be held in the UK in May 2010. CIB W116 has a special track more information ...

» SASBE2009 success
Our 3rd conference series SASBE2009 was successfully held during 15-19 June 2009 in Delft, the Netherlands. See SASBE2009 website
» Book news
Assessing Building Performance was written by top experts from all over the world including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Israel, Netherlands, Japan & China; more information ...
» Book news
Smart and Sustainable Built Environment brings together a group of international specialists to stocktake and evaluate current achievements and explore future development strategies for smart and sustainble building environments more information ...

CIB W116 Smart and Sustinable Built Environments is a CIB working commission which aims to promote international research, application and education in the field of integrated development of smart and sustainable built environments. It also hopes to facilitate global networking, dissemination of information, and technology transfer to businesses and industries. more information ... CIB is the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction. more information...

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