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Assessing Building Performance

edited by W. F. E. Preiser and J. C. Vischer, Elsevier, ISBN: 0-7506-6174-7. Price £34.99

This books offers (1) Global perspective written by top experts from all over the world including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Israel, Netherlands, Japan & China; (2) Case Studies put latest techniques into action giving you the tools you need to assess buildings; and (3) Based on years of collaboration by the International Building Performance Evaluation (IBPE) consortium.

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Smart and Sustainable Built Environment

edited by J. Yang, P.S. Brandon, and A. C. Sidwell, Blackwell Publishing, ISBN-10: 1-4051-2422-9 and ISBN-13: 978-14051-2422-5. Price £ 59.50

This book brings together a group of international specialists, with many from CIB W116, to stocktake and evaluate our current achievements and explore future development strategies for smart and sustainble building environments. It covers a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from technological advanement, through the assessment of past experiences, to communication, educational requirements and development processes.

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Evaluating Sustainble Development in the Built Environment

Peter S. Brandon and Patricia Lombardi, Blackwell Publishing,ISBN 0-632-06486-2

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